October 28, 2005

The new DE9 by Richie Hawtin

It is called "DE9: Transitions". It will be released on Oct. 31. Hawtin promises to explore the Z plane (depth of sound), in addition to exploration of the X and Y planes (time and amplitude). Check the trailer here. Can't wait !

UPDATE: Check also this interview with Richie Hawtin here.
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October 22, 2005

The Fabulous Ruins of Detroit

Check out my latest addition to the links section. A wonderful set of photos about the fabulous ruins of Detroit. Fun and sad at the same time, and very strange, specially for us europeans, who tend do think in the greeks when we think about ruins.
If you like that, check also the flickr photos by UrbanTiki, a detroitian photographer who is in love with Detroit. See an example below:
Flickr Photo
By the way, this is my first post using flock, the new web2.0 geeky browser. How does it look? (update: I needed to retouch this a bit with ecto... oh, well)

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October 18, 2005

Musicians out there: give me blogs, don't give me interviews !

If blogs were invented in the 70's, can you imagine how wonderful would be to have today a collection of blog posts by Kraftwerk, Eno or Bowie? I would read that instead of any interview or biography.
I collect a lot interviews with my favorite artists and musicians. Just look at the links in this blog. However, I have come to realize that I don't find too many things interesting there. The question-answer game between the (sometimes ignorant) interviewer and the interviewed leaves a lot of room for improvement. In many cases, different interviews ask the same questions again and again. I don't even trust in the edit and transcription of the interview.
Now, forget about interviews with musicians and look at musicians who blog, instead. In a blog you can really appreciate the soul of an artist. In a blog they talk about what they think it is important for them. They don't answer stupid, banal questions: In the best case they ask the questions to themselves or to their fans, and even engage with them in a dialog.
The important thing, however, is not in the blog per-se, as it looks today, but in the information that the blog will accumulate as time passes. That would provide us an accurate trace of their souls, their transformations, their influences, thoughts about their own music and about the times they were living. Real fans will appreciate that more than any other thing in the world.
Finally, as this is a techno blog, please take a look at these techno artists who blog: Jeff Mills (with wonderful photos), Alan Oldham (who blogged extensively about his move from the US to Berlin) or Drexciya (hard to read, but interesting). I couldn't find more, for now. I would love to see blogs by the following artists: Derrick May, Richie Hawtin, Carl Craig, Richard James (Aphex Twin), John Tejada, Juan Atkins, FSOL, UR...
So, please, artists, musicians, dj's: give me blogs! or, better yet, give me podcasts !!!

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October 13, 2005

Cybotron as a symbol of the techno-rock divide

At last I have finally put my hands on a Cybotron compilation, called "Interface: The roots of techno". The only track I knew before was "Alleys of your mind". The important thing is that, after listening to it, I immediately understood why the group splitted. Track after track, it seems that we are listening to two different bands here: an electro-dystopian-visionary one and a more rock-oriented one (tracks like "eden" or "enter" remind me the vocal style of Robert Smith !). This roughly corresponds to the different visions of music that Atkins and Davis portrayed and that ultimately lead to the end of the band.
Everybody knows that electronic music and rock belong to two different worlds. In Cybotron those two words collided in 1985. It was a divorce waiting to happen.
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October 05, 2005

The DJ vs. the producer

Most electronic artists present these two faces that greatly complement each other. However, I have been observing that, in some cases, for the same artist, his work as a DJ is better than his work as a producer, or the other way round. I have started these two lists to show my opinion on how some artists balance those two facets. Please post yours.
  • Best DJ than producer: Laurent Garnier, Carl Cox, Dave Clarke, Eric Morillo, Oscar Mulero, The Advent, Cristian Varela, T-1000, Richie Hawtin (difficult to classify, this last one!)...
  • Best producer than DJ: Derrick May (yes, I know you will disagree!), Juan Atkins (the DJ is great, but as a producer he is out-of-this-world), Joey Beltram, Surgeon, Sean Deason, Felix da Housecat, John Tejada, Jeff Mills...

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