July 15, 2006

New releases by Derrick May ?

According to the great Sufmart blog (in spanish), Derrick May has promised new releases of brand new material. They said that Derrick has never ceased to produce during all these years, and now he's happy with the quality achieved. Great news. Read it in this interview with Derrick May (thanks for the link, Sufmart!).
That, of course, is the breaking news. But in that interview other interesting things are discussed by Derrick: how he disliked the word "techno" because he feared would add to confusion (how right he was!), how african-american people are not aware of what techno is and their lack of interest in it (reminds me a scene in "Mo' better blues" where jazz musicians said exactly the same about jazz!), how Detroit has managed to be always an "underground city", etc. Read it here.

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