April 03, 2005

Why "The Motown Elevator" ?

I think I should first explain the title of this techno, ambient and e-music blog. As many people know, Derrick May defined Techno as "Kraftwerk and Funkadelick stuck in an elevator" (more or less). I always have found that image very exciting and a very precise description of how Detroit Techno sounds. Something like: imagine that Kraftwerk are not german-born but african-american born in the Motor Town. Which music would they do?

I thought that the evocatory power of such image could be enhanced by putting that elevator at the Motown building in Detroit. So that's why I decided to name this blog as The Motown Elevator. A reason as silly as any other...

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Blogger essa said...

Hi Benchosei,

Since you're such a huge electronica fan, I'd like to introduce you to The Rurals, a soulful, jazzy Deep House outfit based in Devonshire, England.

They've been making music for 10 years and their latest release, A RURAL LIFE, is sublime. Also check out LEKO THE LAZY BEAT LION. You'll find info and links to music samples at The Rurals Online.



12:31 AM  
Blogger benchosei said...

Many thanks for the link. They sound delicious ! And the fact that they are remixing Marvin Gaye has really hit my heart.

I have also found useful information here and more music at the iTunes MS.

1:52 AM  
Blogger essa said...

Oooh, thanks for the Discogs link! I found a few songs I had missed.

By the way, if you download Andy Compton's Green Spring Mix, it has some of the Marvin Gaye remix on it along with other good stuff.

12:07 PM  

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