April 04, 2005

Techno at the 30s, Is it possible ?

As a 30-something (30-too-many, actually), I have not been into electronic dance music all my life. My first favourite music was Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Yes and the like, at the end of the 70s. Then punk, after-punk, new wave, techno-pop, etc. Other musics also catched my attention: Brian Eno, Motown, Velvet, some classical, a bit of jazz, etc. The grunge movement was too little interesting for me. Too many bands playing songs that sounded like other songs I was already tired of. I was also too bored of all that rock-and-roll attitude that I can’t still stand. Well, Green Day were not bad...

The point is that I never payed attention to all the electronic movement that was around Chicago, Detroit, Berlin and taken the world by storm. “That’s Bakalao”, I said, as it is known here in Spain. Nothing strange, of course, as many, many, people of my generation still think it’s a bunch of crap. My only touch with that music was at some clubs in Madrid, but I just was there having a good time with friends. I never payed attention to the music or even the DJ (a DJ? what’s the point of paying attention to the DJ?, I thought).

One day, around 2002 I arrived at home with some CD’s recently bought: Creedence Clearwater Revival, Thin Lizzy, The Jam, Costello, etc. Looking at them I had an illumination “do I really think in keep buying this kind of music for the rest of my life?”. It was something lika a Paulinian experience. So I started a search for the music that “the kids” like now, found some dance radios, attended two or three “raves” (yes! only!), looked for sessions in mp3 and a new world opened for me. I have never looked back.

Of course I do not renegate of my past, so the parallelism with St. Paul ends here. I still like Pink Floyd or Yes or even Green Day, just as my grandmother likes Sinatra, Nat King Cole or Marife de Triana. I just do not care about that music any more, nor even about new bands that, actually, have nothing new.

If I look at the past, I go to Motown and stop there. This amazing story will continue in a future post...

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Blogger alonsii said...

Me ha encantado lo que has escrito. En cierta manera me siento reflejado pese a que yo empecé con el Heavy y el Hardcore. Mi entrada en la electrónica fue en el Sonar hace ya 10 años. Allí al lado de la playa, Jimi Tenor entrando a caballo... Te invito al divertimento que propongo en mi blog. consiste también en hablar de los prejuicios que existen sobre la electrónica.


mis respetos!!!

8:08 PM  
Blogger benchosei said...

Hola y gracias por el comentario. Lo he escrito hace tanto tiempo que casi tendría que titularlo como "Techno at the 40s..."
En cualquier caso, me gusta tu propuesta de comparar música de Guem y Richie Hawtin en tu blog. Mi experiencia es que unas músicas te ayudan a comprender mejor otras. Por ejemplo, tras Derrick May y cía. yo no he vuelto a escuchar a las Supremes de la misma forma. Lo mismo con James Brown y otros, que son escuchados de distinta forma por gente que viene del rock que por gente que viene de la electrónica, o gente que viene del jazz. Al final, cómo demuestra Laurent Garnier en sus mixes, sólo hay una música...

9:23 PM  

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