August 13, 2005

Robert Hood: Wire to Wire

I have recently got this 2003 CD by Robert Hood. I think this is going to be one of my favorites yet. I appreciate the music that puts your head at work by following different layers of synths, but is also emotional and soulful. In his tracks, small variations take the listener from the beginning to a different ending without even realizing what's going on. They trap the listener in a delightful paradoxical situation of listening to something that is repetitive, but surprising.

Hood, with Jeff Mills, Carl Craig, Sean Deason and others are transcending Detroit techno and taking it to new heights and to new audiences. These guys are really shaping the music of the 21st century, like Jazz artists did in the 20th. Who said techno is dead? techno mutates and will keep mutating. Techno has not even left its childhood.

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