May 05, 2005

maximinimalism: John Tejada - Logic Memory Center

Tejada proves that minimal and maximal are not contradictory. Both qualities coexist in this wonderful work by one of the most interesting creators in electronic music nowadays. They even coexist in the same track.
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To test by yourself this apparent contradiction, listen to "Unit B1656" or "Possessive Patterns" and try to follow the multiple layers of micromelodies that Tejada organizes. Your head will spin from one line to other, in a listening experience that reminds the pixelation of a Bach fugue. Certainly, too much minimal creates a maximal.

Of course, Tejada is not the only techno artist that dominates this maximinimal or minimaximal connection. Jeff Mills comes to mind pretty easily. But in this work, John Tejada does it so brilliantly and explicitly that I can't imagine how someone could call his music "repetitive".

The negative point in this work, for me, are the singed tracks (very Depechy, by the way). When someone sings lyrics in techno tracks like these, the listening experience described above breaks. Singing is so "foreground" that distracts the listener from the wonderful "backgrounds". It forces the listener to look at the tree in front of him instead of looking to the forest behind. But the forest is still there and electronic music lovers will surely find it and enjoy each bit of it.

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