April 10, 2005

DJ's killed the rock star

I am completely sick of the “song” format. I can’t stand another chorus-verse-chorus-verse-etc. (in spanish: odio los estribillos!). Enough is enough. Luckily, since I get into electronic music I have been freed from such a static, boring and recurrent structure. This is one of the reasons I am so happy with this music: structure is free, completely free. And a DJ can even rise this freedom to a higher degree, if his mixing skills are up to the task. I will post many other reasons why I love e-music later in this blog.

People into e-music never use the word “song”. They talk about producing “tracks” or just "productions", which is, IMO, a more humble and realistic concept. Absolute lack of pretentiousness. They never say “I write songs”; they say “I produce tracks”. And the main purpose of a track is not to be remembered for the next ages to come: they come to live when they are mixed with other tracks. Tracks, unlike songs, are not ends in itself. The value of a track is given by other tracks that act as context. My value as an individual is given by my social network...

Of course, this is closely related to the lack of attitude and the lack of cult to personality that is so surprising in electronic dance music, and that I absolutely LOVE. Electronic artists (DJs, producers) are hard workers that do not pursue stardom at all cost. The audience of a DJ just wants to have FUN, and does not care about their favorite drinks or about the shirt they wear or about their opinion on animal rights or about how many instruments broke on stage or about flying pigs on the shows or about their last problems in court or about their last marriage or about their haircut or about how many drugs take per day or about how nihilist they are or about how cool is the way they hold the micro or about...

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