April 14, 2005

Richie Hawtin promises more DE9

In a bizarre article about the Berlin scene, published at Metro Times Detroit, that you can read here, it is said that "Hawtin's next mix-CD project promises to triple the content of 2001's DE9: Closer to the Edit, on which Hawtin reinterpreted and recast 70 tracks into a 53-minute mix."

This is clearly good news for those of us who loved DE9, a true masterpiece of cut-and-paste. When I was a kid and played with tapes and records and voices and re-records, what I was actually trying to achieve was something like DE9, only without Hawtin's genius.

There are also other nice quotes: "There's no me there anymore. It's not important for me to control anything. There's nothing conscious about it. There's no ego in it." Also, it is said that "he'll be working with his friend Ricardo Villalobos on several remixes of Depeche Mode, a band that both call "bigger than the Beatles" for tech-generation kids."

If you wonder about the "Detroit-Berlin" thing he points that: "Both Detroit and Berlin have people with an incredibly strong will to survive," he says. "Out of decay and pain comes this strength; you see it in both cities. You put (the music) out there, and it's like there's nothing they can't understand."
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