July 11, 2005

At last, a Detroit Techno podcast

I am still amazed by how boring are most of the podcasts out there. They require your attention for minutes in order to transmit a pointless message. Music podcasting, at least, can be fun. According to 313tm, DJ Brian Kage has started to publish his mixes in podcast form for download and listen on-the-go (if you have an iPod). Read the full story here.

Updated: Another one to the list. FrequencyBerlin (Pacou, Claude Young, etc.) have also published a podcast. Check it with iTunes or find it here at Odeo (don't know Odeo? Is the Flickr of podcasting).

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July 02, 2005

Memories: Supremes, Kraftwerk, DAF, ...

This photo shows some of my early music, in casette format, contrasted with my latest acquisition: the iPod. As you can see, the trajectory followed by my music tastes makes perfect sense, and I am not the only one who followed it. If I were the only one then there would not be Detroit Techno, or House or even electronic dance music. Things happen because they should, never at random.

Come on, how many of you have "computer world" in casette?

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