September 22, 2006

I am moving to

Yes, from now on, I will live in my page. I have realized that is a better place for someone like me who is not a professional Dj, nor producer, nor musician, nor even a music critic. I am not even interested in following the calendars of music events, raves and festivals (my kids don't let me go...). I am just a music lover. The only music-related gift I have is my taste and my music collection, something that can be better shared with others in a place like That will be my contribution to the cyberspace. I can't give any other.
Blogging here was fun, I have learned a lot and it helped me to "met" a lot of nice people and great blogs (which I will keep reading, of course). But being "only" a music lover I sometimes felt that blogging about music was like dancing about architecture (with the permission of Frank Zappa). At I can share my playlists and my actual music (which I am quite proud of), and not only my words (which I am less proud of). Words still can be used there, as provides users with a journal and many other tools for inter-user communication. I am also interested in their social features to explore new musics, as for me, the joy of music is the joy of exploring, something that is difficult to do with blogspot, but is just a click away in See you there !


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