May 24, 2006

Flash animation: drugs and the brain

It would be an hypocrisy to say that these things do not concern electronic music, for good or for bad. So please, inform yourself with this cool and amusing animations that show the effects that different drugs have in the brain.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

My self and my collegue are in the process of creating an exhibition in our Psychology department at our university in London. We have been collecting research, particularly animations to display certain aspects of neuroscience to current and prospective students. We would like to use the animation you have posted but require permission. did you create it yourself or find it else where? please let us know how we can find and use the animation.
kindest regards,
Louise McCombie and Oscar Kjell

12:21 AM  
Blogger benchosei said...

Please contact the animation authors here:

8:39 AM  

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