March 10, 2006

What? Our favorite techno-stars are MySpacers?

Trying to find the URL of the video in my previous post I arrived to Kevin Saunderson's page in MySpace (!). And yes, you can read in his page that he really studied at the Belleville institute... My God ! I can't believe this. Isn't myspace the root of all internet evils today? The amazing thing is that he is not alone. Check out the myspace page of Derrick May, Jeff Mills, Kenny Larkin,... many of them !
This means that techno blogs like this need to update their links section asap. I think I will leave blogger and move to myspace, too (just kidding).

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Blogger 313 TECHNO MUSIC said...

Hello Motown Elevator, I read often your blog due to the cool infos you post. I would like to react on this news.

Myspace at first is just a 'hype' of the moment... I agree that it is a bit too much.

But in same time (and there I talk from my own experience) it's a really cool thing to create contacts.

I want to run a label since a while and was wondering if peoples will follow me or at least, will appreciate what I do... A little fear to invest money in something that don't work and no one is interesting in.

But with the friend system of Myspace, I ve meet so much peoples who already search my productions and I was completly not aware of this, today I have some trust that a litlle quantities pressing will find supporters and I enjoy this.

I'm at work !!

Even more since, today, all peoples who own a computer and sequencer software call themselves producers, it's hard to find real 'supporters' and Myspace offering me some along a bit of 'exposition'...

In wait of the next 'big hype thing' Myspace is a usefull place in my eyes to create contacts and for a young musician like me, it's valuable and can help me to find the right peoples to work with.

It's just my thoughts and this can be discussed of course, but right now I say thanks to myspace where I get a support that I don't get on other places, not anymore on my own websites or websites that basically like what I do as a musician.

A concrete example ? At 313 Tm, I have a lot of daily readers but no one care about my own job. At Myspace, no one care about 313 TM but definitely about my job or , in my eyes it's a correct balance between the two things.

End- Respect for your blog.

Dimitri Pike for 313 TM

5:06 PM  
Blogger benchosei said...

Thanks for your feedback and respect, Dimitri. Even when I don't like and don't embrace myspace, I was actually being a little ironic when saying that it is the root of all evils today (come on, it seems that even Al Qaeda is using it:

My reaction when I found all those pages was "why don't they create a blog at wordpress or blogger?" I suppose that the "exposition" thing you mention explains it all, because (like it or not) MySpace is bigger than blogging. Please check the incredible numbers given here:

My post was motivated because it was really shocking to me to see all those pages of all those artists, created recently, specially when I only expect to see teenagers at myspace. That only proves that my expectations about myspace were wrong and maybe we should start looking to myspace with different eyes.

Thanks. Keep the good work !

11:20 PM  

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