February 12, 2006

Videos: Richie Hawtin's music at Torino 2006

[UPDATE: YouTube seems to have banned all videos related to Torino 2006. See my post above.]

I recorded the opening ceremony of Torino 2006 with my EyeTV and I uploaded an excerpt to YouTube. This excerpt, of course, is the section featuring Richie Hawtin's music. The topic of this part of the ceremony was about Italian Futurism and engineering. Due to limitations in YouTube I was forced to split it into two parts. Enjoy !

You can also watch them in YouTube: Link to part 1, link to part 2.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

baleeted! :(

9:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey man, i've been for looking this video in everywhere, can you send it to me please?

(answer me, and i'll give you my mail...)

4:55 PM  
Anonymous H├ęctor said...

Hi, does anyone knows the name of a song from the closing ceremony after a Andrea Bocelli song. I mean, the song when the torch turns off ??

If anyone have it, please send it to reinohvp@yahoo.com.mx

i would really appreciate it.

Thank you very much !!!

6:21 AM  

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