December 05, 2005

The best ambient @ Ultima Thule podcast

This is not exactly about techno, but I know that you guys have quite extensive musical taste, and I am sure you will like the music podcasted by the guys behind Ultima Thule, a radio station from Australia. It is mostly ambient music, but taking a very wide definition of "ambient", including music from Pete Namlook to Hallucinogen to Steve Roach to Ravi Shankar to music from the middle ages (not very electronic, as you may expect). If you like true ambient music (and I mean true ambient: music that, according to Eno, works as background as well as foreground) or, if you are like me and you need ambient music, specially when working at the computer, please take a look at this podcast. Click here to get their RSS feed. Enjoy!
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Anonymous djmitch said...

Hi dude,

thank you for this post, I love ambinet music !!!


4:12 PM  

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