November 06, 2005

Dj mixes from net labels, under Creative Commons

This is great news for all electronic aficionados out there. Dj Mitch, the guy behind a site called release mixes made from tracks from different net labels (with their permission) and release them for download, under a Creative Commons license. Each mix focuses on one particular label, and main styles are deep house and minimal.
Something like this was strongly needed, given the proliferation of net labels and the lack of time we all have for listening to all. Now, instead of spending a looooot of time checking each label, track by track, you can go to deepindub and listen, in one shot, a nice mix that gives an overview of a particular label's music and spirit.
I posted some time ago about the role of DJs as artistic RSS aggregators. This is just another take on that. Thanks to, and I hope more initiatives like this will follow!
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