September 07, 2005

What? Less than 400 tracks per iPod?

This is crazy. A study by Solutions Research Group shows that the average songs per iPod is 375, and that half of iPod owners have less than 100 songs in their devices. Remember that we are talking about a device that can store around 20,000 tracks! This is amazing, as my iPod mini is always in shortage, and I have a Creative Zen of 20 Gb that is also full.
it seems that most iPod owners are not hardcore music fans, but they wear an iPod as they wear sunglasses in a cloudy day. But there is another explanation, related to which kind of music do iPodders listen to. If you are into country or trash-metal I doubt there is even 300 songs that deserve to be stored on your iPod. Just take at look at George W. Bush's iPod. Think about it: how many songs did U2 wrote? how many songs did The Beatles wrote? Coldplay? Britney? I think you can store all their full discographies in a single CD, and that's the music that most people listen to.
But we, electronic music fans, will be always short of space. Not only because there are thousands of styles, artists and tracks to listen, but also because we love DJ mixes. So if an artist like, say, Derrick May, has actually published few tracks, you can find/buy/download a lot of live mixes by him that are absolutely wonderful, absolutely different one to each other, and absolutely long (from 45 to 120 minutes). Hell, I have almost one Gb of Richie Hawtin mixes! And growing.
On another side, I don't think we are in love with the "song" format. We focus on more on "tracks", a form that is not done for listening in isolation but to combine with other tracks. We even enjoy doing our own mixes, and we need a big pool of tracks for that.

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Anonymous djmitch said...


it's absolutely thrue !!!

My ipod is always full !!!!
and I change mixes every day !!!

maybe they can't write these thoughts...

because they think that download djmixes
is a form of piracy, but I think that today is time to change these wrong concepts and straight on the right way.

For example, I give support and I found also very interesting and give me fun at the same time discover nice net labels,
ask them if I can make a mix with their music and then publish on

I think it's a nice project, and believe me on my live I play a lot of these tracks...

hi benchosei, if you wish we can make also a link exchange with if you wish...

let me a question .. are you dj?

6:15 PM  
Blogger benchosei said...

Ciao, again. Thanks for the link to (of course, I have linked them). I think it is really a nice project. So nice I have created a post for publishing right now. Feel free to check it and add your comments.

Now, if I only had time for listening all the stuff out there! I will check it in the next few days.

No, I am not a dj. My relation with professional music is 0. I am just an aficionado. For now, at least...

7:15 PM  
Anonymous djmitch said...

yes You are linked also from ,

under category blogroll ( add today for you )!

You are not a dj but you have a good knowledge about house music... and electronic music how I can read...

and your posts are interesting...
intelligents..... good work !

keep in touch

12:59 AM  
Anonymous djmitch said...

Ciao benchosei,
sorry for my question... but where's located the post for publishing?

I really don't found it...

1:16 AM  
Blogger benchosei said...

This is a bit sad, but blogspot is having serious problems now and I can't post anything. I hope it will be fixed in the next hours and you will see the post.

11:25 AM  

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