October 13, 2005

Cybotron as a symbol of the techno-rock divide

At last I have finally put my hands on a Cybotron compilation, called "Interface: The roots of techno". The only track I knew before was "Alleys of your mind". The important thing is that, after listening to it, I immediately understood why the group splitted. Track after track, it seems that we are listening to two different bands here: an electro-dystopian-visionary one and a more rock-oriented one (tracks like "eden" or "enter" remind me the vocal style of Robert Smith !). This roughly corresponds to the different visions of music that Atkins and Davis portrayed and that ultimately lead to the end of the band.
Everybody knows that electronic music and rock belong to two different worlds. In Cybotron those two words collided in 1985. It was a divorce waiting to happen.
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