October 05, 2005

The DJ vs. the producer

Most electronic artists present these two faces that greatly complement each other. However, I have been observing that, in some cases, for the same artist, his work as a DJ is better than his work as a producer, or the other way round. I have started these two lists to show my opinion on how some artists balance those two facets. Please post yours.
  • Best DJ than producer: Laurent Garnier, Carl Cox, Dave Clarke, Eric Morillo, Oscar Mulero, The Advent, Cristian Varela, T-1000, Richie Hawtin (difficult to classify, this last one!)...
  • Best producer than DJ: Derrick May (yes, I know you will disagree!), Juan Atkins (the DJ is great, but as a producer he is out-of-this-world), Joey Beltram, Surgeon, Sean Deason, Felix da Housecat, John Tejada, Jeff Mills...

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Anonymous Mad Jay said...

Best dj than producer... :
Claudio coccoluto,
Leo Mas
David Morales ( I don't like also like dj! )
( me )...

Best producer than dj ... :
Frankie knuckles
Larry heard
Ricardo Villalobos ( I like both )
Da Kine
808 state
and many many more...

8:26 PM  

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