October 22, 2005

The Fabulous Ruins of Detroit

Check out my latest addition to the links section. A wonderful set of photos about the fabulous ruins of Detroit. Fun and sad at the same time, and very strange, specially for us europeans, who tend do think in the greeks when we think about ruins.
If you like that, check also the flickr photos by UrbanTiki, a detroitian photographer who is in love with Detroit. See an example below:
Flickr Photo
By the way, this is my first post using flock, the new web2.0 geeky browser. How does it look? (update: I needed to retouch this a bit with ecto... oh, well)

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Anonymous djmitch said...

Hi dude,

my best compliments for you site.

How I see is full of interesting topics.

Would you like to make a link exchange ?



6:03 PM  
Blogger benchosei said...

Hi. Thanks for the comments. Yes I have linked you. Check the blogroll.
Enjoy !

7:04 PM  
Anonymous Down With Detroit said...

You might be a detroiter if.....


7:21 AM  

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