November 18, 2005

Carl Craig's "Landcruising" updated to 2.0

The album formerly known as ...
If electronic music is software, let's treat it like software. Carl Craig seems to be doing that. Today I received an e-mail from the iTunes music store about the new album by Carl Craig, titled "The album formerly known as...". Of course, the title makes reference to the album formerly knows as "Landcruising", only upgraded ("Landcruising 2.0"?), as most of the tracks in this album are new versions of tracks already published in "Landcruising".
Nice move, Carl, on the artistic side at least. However, I don't find reasons powerful enough to buy it... The new features and bug fixes are not groundbreaking, and I think registered customers should get this upgrade for free...

Update: If you like Carl Craig do yourself a favor and get this 2-hour mix at brokenloop.
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