November 08, 2005

Jeff Mills' vision of future dance

The dance-floor as a transformative experience. The DJ as a hierophant of some sacred misteries. Quoted from a post in Jeff Mills blog:
"Some people may say, that maybe just "old school" music might be enough to satisfy -- I say, WAKE UP!. The world-wide dance music scene can go much further than just satisfy. I strongly believe that with a little effort and planning, the parties people pay to get into every weekend can bring more ideas and experiences in a way that could affect them for the rest of their lives."
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Anonymous djmitch said...


Big Miles,

Unlucky, here in italy this situation, is little hard to find actually....also spirit to meke something of new...

Big clubs, where is played only electronic music and not trade house,
like Muretto, or Cocoricò, Pacha, Area city and many others, call only big international dj's, yes this can be good
but they don't give space to new dj's, (it's not my case )they really don't like to make live sets like outside Italy, in many clubs I see dj + pc, artists with machine, effects , live performances with man, womans...
minimalistic cabaret.. not just a baby girl dancing.....
Time ago this was in Italy...
now is totally diferent.

Think that I have purpouse a project
to some big clubs here, with dj+live act
and minimalistic mime... but they really don't appreciate... don't understand...

so,... what I can make now.. ?
They don't understand, if this one of the best thing I prefer play outside Italy...

11:30 PM  
Blogger benchosei said...

I think Italy is not alone. It is difficult to me to imagine something like that kind of show in Spain (with the exception of the Sonar festival in Barcelone). Mills is in Japan, and maybe there they are more receptive to that kind of things.
Mills is exploring new territory. If there is a lesson in electronic music is that the avant-garde of today will be mainstream in few years. Patience.

10:57 PM  

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