November 26, 2005

DE9:Transitions - Something big is going on

I have bought DE9:Transitions today. I have listened to it only once so I don't feel qualified yet to say if I like it or not. I listened to the full 96 minutes mix and every second of it caught my attention. However, it is really more difficult music than DE9:Closer-to-the-edit so I prefer to listen to it another 5-6 times or so before writing a review. In any case, something big has happened. Hawtin has opened a lot of doors with this (instant classic?) release:
- From now on, say farewell to (manual) beat matching.
- Say farewell to two-track mixing. Go for 4, 5 or 6 tracks at the same time.
- Complexity of track selection will grow exponentially. Think about hundreds of tracks...

- No more transitions between tracks. Not even tracks between transitions. The transition is the track. The role of a track is to help make a transition.
- Finally, the
leitmotif has arrived to electronic mixes. Despite the above innovations, coherence will not suffer.
- In traditional DJing the granularity is gross, measured in minutes. Say farewell to traditional DJing. Say welcome to micro-DJing, measured in seconds. The lower limit has been reached. Below this level the only option is to mix separate notes, but that would be composition, not DJing.
So now, I don't know what a track, a transition or a session is. Hawtin has put all those concepts upside down...
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Anonymous recordkick said...

Hey, definitely follow up on this one because I've noticed my djing shifted ever since I started running tracks through ableton live, it made no more sense to beatmatch two tracks together. Then I started layering tracks two and three deep just because it was so easy. I'm still playing catch up to Richie and the things you mentioned in this article really caught my eye.

Bye the way I love your blog, keep up the good work!

Tim Case

2:57 PM  

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