February 08, 2006

Richie Hawtin on your TV on Friday

I hate sports. I would like to propose the UN an initiative for 2007 to declare it "International Non-Sports Year". So I would never expect to publish a post related to the Olympic games here. However...
This friday, Feb 10, Richie Hawtin will perform in the Opening Ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games in Torino. He will present new music created specially for this event. Get an appetizer of the music here.
This is becoming a standard, at least in europe. In the last Olympic Games at Athens we could enjoy a performance by trance DJ Tiësto (trance is not my cup of tea, but I enjoyed it, anyway). Still, these are european based events, albeit aimed to an universal public. I would love to see Jeff Mills perform at SuperBowl or NASCAR. That would be a sign that many things are changing in the musical scene in the US. Keep dreaming...

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