March 30, 2006

iDJ2: iPod DJing for the rest of us

Idj2 Overview

Look at this wonderful machine for iPod DJing. I will not wait to Christmas to have one. The price is good as well (400 €, according to sufmart). Richie, watch your back ! Check it at Numark.

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Anonymous ken said...

I got the Cortex Dmix 300, and that was really great, but when i checked out the Numark, i wanted one BAD! Its smaller and more portable and the colour screen and navigation makes it a real pleasure, leaps and bounds ahead of the original iDJ, I've written more about it on my blog as well, and i think with inventions like the Pacemaker and application for the iPod touch we'll see more of iPod DJing in the near future.

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