March 26, 2006

My missing link between goths and electronic music

A recent article in The Guardian claims that goths turn out to be very succesful people when grown-up. Could be. Anyway, as I never embraced nor liked goth things (which could explain my unsuccesfulness) I know that I have a big hole in my music culture. I have heard that there was a time where goths embraced some forms of electronic dance music before anyone else and I have heard that there is a link between über-goth bands (like Bauhaus or Killing Joke) and some forms of techno. And I remember to see some goths in techno clubs in Europe in the early 90's (which surprised me at the time, as I associated them with other kinds of music). My knowledge about this matters does not go beyond the Joy Division - New Order link, but I am sure there is more...
So please, illustrate me and leave me some comments on this issue (or better yet, explain it in your blog and link me :-). Where is the missing link between Derrick May and Suicide Girls?

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