January 24, 2006

iWeb + Keynote = video podcast

Sorry for going off-topic now but I am quite excited about the things you can do with iWeb. As it always happens, the real power of an application comes from its combination with other apps. Just like in a well performed mix, by the way, where the power of a track comes from its combination with other tracks (hey, this is on-topic now). For instance, check this combination of Keynote presentations, podcast creation (with GarageBand, probably) and iWeb. You can even subscribe using iTunes. The possibilities are endless...

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January 21, 2006

Demolition of the Motown Records

As posted before, the demolition of Motown building finally took place. Very sad. Thanks to UrbanTiki for posting this snapshot at flickr.

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January 18, 2006

Check some photos of the Motown Office building...

... before it is demolished, in few days. Via detroitfunk.

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