June 23, 2006

SONAR 2006 performances - for download

Wonderful! I have found this web page at spaceboss.net with some links for downloading the live mixes and performances that took place just a few days ago at Sonar 2006, Barcelone. Including Jeff Mills, Miss Kittin and even Chic. Freak Down !

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June 15, 2006

No gestures

There is nothing like the air guitar in electronic music. The sounds that come from other music styles can always be identified to some human gesture like beating, playing the strings of the guitar, and the like. Not here. Of course, the dance community has developed their own gestures, obvious to anyone, but those gestures are, again, abstract and unrelated to instrument performance. Some will consider this just another face of dehumanization in electronic music but I consider it truly liberating. Software is more flexible than hardware. Freedom from physical constraints means infinite flexibility and endless malleability. The sky is the limit.

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June 11, 2006

Modulations - The documentary - in youtube

The best documentary ever on electronic music is available in youtube in four parts. Contains more than 70 interviews with techno and electronic heroes. There it goes:

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