March 30, 2006

iDJ2: iPod DJing for the rest of us

Idj2 Overview

Look at this wonderful machine for iPod DJing. I will not wait to Christmas to have one. The price is good as well (400 €, according to sufmart). Richie, watch your back ! Check it at Numark.

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March 26, 2006

My missing link between goths and electronic music

A recent article in The Guardian claims that goths turn out to be very succesful people when grown-up. Could be. Anyway, as I never embraced nor liked goth things (which could explain my unsuccesfulness) I know that I have a big hole in my music culture. I have heard that there was a time where goths embraced some forms of electronic dance music before anyone else and I have heard that there is a link between über-goth bands (like Bauhaus or Killing Joke) and some forms of techno. And I remember to see some goths in techno clubs in Europe in the early 90's (which surprised me at the time, as I associated them with other kinds of music). My knowledge about this matters does not go beyond the Joy Division - New Order link, but I am sure there is more...
So please, illustrate me and leave me some comments on this issue (or better yet, explain it in your blog and link me :-). Where is the missing link between Derrick May and Suicide Girls?

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March 22, 2006

ETA announces end of violence

Yes, off topic, but this is the best possible news that I could read. It's a great day here in Spain.
Orain Bakea !

March 14, 2006

build-climax-release and verse-chorus-verse

Interesting post about musical structures by frey. I don't agree totally with it, specially when it says that build-climax-release is not necessary in techno and house mixes (for me that's essential and it is something that really makes a difference among DJs). Check it here.

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March 10, 2006

What? Our favorite techno-stars are MySpacers?

Trying to find the URL of the video in my previous post I arrived to Kevin Saunderson's page in MySpace (!). And yes, you can read in his page that he really studied at the Belleville institute... My God ! I can't believe this. Isn't myspace the root of all internet evils today? The amazing thing is that he is not alone. Check out the myspace page of Derrick May, Jeff Mills, Kenny Larkin,... many of them !
This means that techno blogs like this need to update their links section asap. I think I will leave blogger and move to myspace, too (just kidding).

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Video: Kevin Saunderson @ The Elevator Tour

Wonderful video of one of our favorite stars on tour. Check it at 313tm. From the tour named "The Elevator". As you know, this elevator thing is one of the most recurrent ideas since the birth of techno. You will love the video.

(btw, does anybody know why all my links to pictures hosted in discogs are broken?)

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March 09, 2006

Rhythm has no owner

Rhythm belongs to us all. Melodies are copyrighted, but rhythms are not. Nobody will ever take control over them. Exploring rhythms is akin to exploring the layers of our brain that all humans share, the part of our brain that make us equal to each other. Everybody understands rhythm without being teached. Just like language, that also belongs to the people (but rhythm was born first). It is not surprising that electronic dance music, with its emphasis on rythm, is the only true global music, whose roots can be traced to all parts of the world and that is enjoyed by people in every country.
Read this quote by Peter Sadlo, percusionist: "Rhythm belongs to the most primordial form, musical expression. Animated by heart and heart beat, our ancestors where instinctively lead to transform this basic rhythm acoustically and integrate it into their patterns of life. Today, at the beginning of a new millenium, rhythmic and rhythm claim a fundamental importance in the conscience of people, placed well before melody and harmony."

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